Meditation Mechanics: A Class to Guide Your Practice

I tend to emphasize the art of meditation — the creativity and exploration required to navigate the mind and determine what methods and structure are best for our meditation practice, how to most skillfully meet the moment. But meditation is also a science, and I recently created a four-week course to explore its scientific/technical dimension. In the class we develop practical, concrete skills for working with the mind by studying specific techniques for settling it onto the meditation object and keeping it there, beginning with techniques for getting to the cushion every day without fail. The techniques aren’t fancy, but if they are applied skillfully and consistently, they can be effective in keeping the attention on the present moment. The goal is to engineer our practice so that it operates most effectively, so that we waste less time on the cushion and spend more time actually meditating.
The class draws from the teachings of several of my influences, including Ajaan Geoff and Jack Kornfield, but the biggest influence is Culadasa, the neuroscientist, teacher, and author of The Mind Illuminated: A Complete Meditation Guide Integrating Buddhist Wisdom and Brain Science. Each class includes instruction (with hand-outs), meditation, and discussion. The course is suitable for those looking to recharge their established practices or those with fledgling practices who are ready to commit to daily meditation. I’m teaching a second round starting on Sunday, May 15, and this time, I decided to keep it small (six people) to allow more time for feedback on each individual’s practice. Let me know if you’d like to join!