About Jennifer Carson

Jennifer CarsonJennifer Carson has practiced meditation intensively since 2001, including about 250 days spent in silent retreat. In 2006, she completed the two-year Dedicated Practitioners Program of concentrated Buddhist study and practice through Spirit Rock Meditation Center. In 2008, she founded the sitting group that has become Stillpoint LA. She also served as a mindful leader for Spirit Rock’s family retreat in 2013. Jennifer is heavily influenced by the teachings of Theravada Buddhism, the Lineage of the Elders, but has also spent time among the Zen practitioners at the San Francisco Zen Center and secretly longs to be like them. Her practice has been guided by many Western teachers, especially Jack Kornfield, whose influence and instructions in retreats and interviews have been priceless. She also deeply bows to the wisdom and generosity of Gil Fronsdal, Thanissaro Bhikkhu, and Trudy Goodman. In addition to leading meditation groups, she is a certified yoga instructor through Santa Monica Yoga, holds a Ph.D. in astrophysics and teaches college physics and astronomy. She recently completed her first novel.